Wang Yufei turned quickly after receiving the ball,Then toss again,Entered again!

Two consecutive goals?
This time,The cheerleaders on the sidelines finally recovered,Started to burst,All kinds of cheers affected the three people who were chatting privately,Guo Xiaoyi、Zhou Sicheng and Xu Ruixuan both set their sights on the basketball court……
It is Wang Yufei who is high-fiving the second team,With Zheng Feng who is still bewildered on the side。
What’s the situation?
Can’t you play well??
029 You know i can’t play
“Full press!”Zheng Feng gritted his teeth and cried。
When Wang Yufei again“Mongolian”Made a super long three-pointer,Knock down the score9:6Time,Zheng Feng finally can’t stand it anymore。
Nima,He is on the basketball court in the classNO.1,How did the limelight all make this new student who just arrived today come out?This unscientific!
Now full-court press is an excellent way to limit Wang Yufei’s ultra-long shots。
As long as the defense is strong enough,This group of second-tier teams will definitely go wrong,Wang Yufei, a novice, can still fail to shoot under his defense?
Ideal is very beautiful,But reality is super backbone。
Played basketball for ten minutes,Wang Yufei has figured out the doorway。
Zheng Feng started to follow him,But Wang Yufei is still very agile,It’s okay to receive a pass,If Zheng Feng stepped forward to interfere,He immediately passed the ball,Then ran away quickly。
The players of the second team also seem to see hope of victory today,It’s getting more and more smooth。It’s really a blessing to have a scorer with terrifyingly accurate 3-pointers in the team,If no one is around Wang Yufei,Must pass the ball to his hand,In addition, Wang Yufei always dangles outside the three-point line or even near the center line,This will inevitably make Zheng Feng who defends Wang Yufei exhausted。
Have no idea,As the main force of a team,Zheng Feng can’t always follow Wang Yufei around the center line?I can’t see other people’s layups on the inside.,But he didn’t pay attention,The ball reached Wang Yufei,It’s basically a shot right away,It’s extremely accurate,No matter where you stand, at least a 90% goal rate……
Who can hold it??

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