“Really,Just one game,You are too desperate。”Sakura complained。

“Because i’m mom’s daughter,Or Uchiha。”
Although Sasuke never said,But from Sasuke’s training on Ratyu, Zorana knew,Sasuke still hopes that the Uchiha clan can rise again。
Did not entrust the hope of Uchiha’s rise to himself,But it was entrusted to Ratyou,This makes Zuo Liang Na always feel sad。
Whether it is a blogger,Still Zolena,Actually, I hope I can be recognized by my father。
It’s just that the blogger chose to surpass his father,The way that Zoranna chose was to become the Hokage that her father did not become.。
“correct,Sasuke won’t be back tonight,Just two of us have dinner,What do you want to eat,Zoriana。”
After treatment,Kozakura stretched and asked。
“Ugh?Dad is not coming back?”
Zolena looks at Sakura。
“Ok,After all, the Zhongnin exam will end tomorrow,So Sasuke went to do special training for Mouse。”Sakura walks towards the kitchen while talking。
“Able to reach the quarter-finals,Good job,Blogger。”
“After all, the next opponents are hard to deal with,and so,Blogger,You just need to work hard tomorrow。”

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