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One thousand nine hundred and ninety chapters All mine
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Shen Ruoxi teased Qin Liang like a mirror,Murong Shan and Chen Hao,Looking at the young couple in front of you with a smile.,Kande is a happy。
Although Yuer didn’t dare to interrupt,But it’s also like standing aside listening with gusto。
“I should thank you for your compliment?Thank you for your irony?”
Qin Liang held back a smile and asked Shen Ruoxi……
“I just made a joke,Just for fun,You don’t really think I’m praising you?”
Shen Ruoxi flashed a thought in her mind,She was afraid that Qin Liang would misunderstand that she was deliberately sarcastic,Mock him,It’s not good to go back to the heart,After all, in front of outsiders,So she immediately remedied the few words she just said with a joking tone。
“Ok……I seem to think too much,Then assume I didn’t ask。”
Qin Liang said with a bitter smile。
“You two simply say that cross talk can go,I think you two cooperate very well,And it’s funny。”
Murong Shan smiled and teased。
“Wakayu,Why didn’t I find your eloquence so good before?……”
Chen Hao also said in surprise。

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