Wade doesn’t understand either!

Even a few commentaries are dumbfounded。
“FAK,Kenny, I’ll pinch you,This is not an illusion, right?”
Buckley doesn’t wait for Kenny·Smith Reply,I stretched my hand up and twisted it hard.
A scream!
“Ok,Not an illusion.”Listen to Kenny·Smith’s scream,Barkley nodded seriously。
“FAK,youTMJust pinch yourself,Why are you pinching me?”
Barkley touches his head,Smiled honestly:“Does it hurt to pinch yourself?”
youTMIt makes sense?
But anyway,Today Xu Xuan was once again held to the forefront by everyone。
The first three quarters or even before45minute,Xu Xuan is a pair“I’m a crayons, even if you abuse me”Look like,But by the end of the fourth quarter,Lianzhong4Three-pointer,It also includes a three-pointer at halftime!
But what makes people more curious and surprised is,Three-pointers can still play like this?
It’s luck?

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