Gao Ziyu’s voice is vicissitudes and hoarse。

The manager stayed for a while,Look towards Gao Ziyu。
“What are your instructions?”
“let me see。”
The manager was stunned,He is such a famous master appraiser,It depends on the broken stone in your hand?
So smiled:“You must have worked hard to come all the way,You first rest in our shop,I will serve you a pot of good tea。”
Gao Ziyu’s pale brows frowned。
“bring here!”
Very strong tone!
It seems,It’s no good not to give it to him……
Now I can only pray,He is dim-eyed,Can’t recognize the true or false。
After all, this fake,Also spent a lot of money to get in。
“Mr. Gao,Can you see clearly…”

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