“go,I think about the next paragraphRAPWhat did you sing!”Bowen shaking his head,As if indulged in the rhythm。

Harris took advantage of a dead ball opportunity,Replaced by the Lakers starting player。
“coach!They are playing again!”Just got off the court,Brandon was a little uncomfortable after only one minute rest,Pointing to the Lakers starters who are gearing up and returning to the court。
Bros,You are so much ahead,Don’t you take a break??
Let people not play,Co-authoring will drive people to a dead end。
Cavaliers Coach Mike-Fratello frowned,Do you want to let your bench start with the Lakers??
The Cavaliers’ substitute is the third line of the league,I’m afraid Campbell can blow them up。
If you let them play,In a few minutes,Just run50+went!
No way,Let’s go ahead。
“guys,Grit your teeth,Keep going。”Mike-Fratello said to the Cavaliers player who just sat on the sidelines。
Cavaliers players look at each other,Sighed,It can only be the。
Lakers side,Kobe just broke the ball,Assist Bowen to make a three-pointer,The Cavaliers chose to suspend substitutions。
The two starters are standing together again。
Kobe’s mouth rises slightly。
“Continue to press!”
After this game,Is there another media who dare to talk about the rookie wall??
Looking at Kobe’s unkind smile,Brandon feels like Alexander。
“Pick and roll!Block Kobe for me!”Trier-Brandon bites his head for the ball。

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