Although all opponents are eliminated by cruel methods,He also lost his legs and sexual function!

Xu Tianran’s dark eyes cast a glance outside the door,Cold voice“Come in!”
“Click!”The door was slowly opened,A soldier in armor bowed“His Royal Highness,Subordinates report”
Xu Tianran stared at the soldier without emotion,Calmly“Speak!what’s up?”
The soldier trembled“According to subordinates,The orange you sent to the Sun Moon Royal Soul Guidance Academy,Seems to find other men in the college,Qianyu,About sixteen or seventeen years old,It’s an exchange student sent by Shrek Academy,Is an eighth-level soul teacher
After listening to this,Xu Tianran’s dark pupils are full of icy colors,Then he moved his eyes down to look at his legs……
He closed his eyes,Asked calmly“Is the news reliable??”
The soldier hurriedly said“Absolutely reliable,The entire Sun Moon Royal Soul Guidance Academy is in……”
Didn’t wait for him to finish,Xu Tianran, with a distorted expression, broke the soldier’s head.……
I saw the latter’s pupils widened,Falling on the cold ground with a face full of disbelief,Countless scarlet blood flowed from his neck,Dye the whole ground bright red……
I’m afraid he doesn’t even know what went wrong with him!
Xu Tianran’s hideous expression gradually returned to normal,Calmly said“Looking for a man?interesting!”
How many years has he raised a white rabbit,Today I will be attracted by other green grass……
Qianyu,Still an eighth-level soul teacher!

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