Headlines again

“Dare not be,You flatter me……I just wanted to find out,Qin Liang’s current situation,What is it like?”
Yian Shiyun made a few simple and polite sentences。I can’t wait to ask immediately。
“Oh,He is currently at the stage of illness,I have successfully prevented his condition from getting worse,Next,Just find a way to help him open the knot,Healed his trauma。”
The expert briefly introduced Qin Liang’s current situation。
“But why doesn’t he even know us now??”
Yang Shiyun still asked anxiously。
“He is trying to isolate himself from the world,I want to close myself in my own world,but me,Is trying to stop him from doing this。”
The expert said seriously。
“When will he recover??”
Yang Shiyun asked the most critical question,Shen Ruoxi immediately looked at the expert attentively,Waiting for his reply。
“This one……The most important,It depends on his own will,Own effort,There is,Your help。”
The expert looked at Shen Ruoxi and Yang Shiyun,Only then seriously answered them。
“How can we help him?”

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