Summer health, Chinese and Western doctors will tell you 10 health tips, said to be the best


Summer health, Chinese and Western doctors will tell you 10 health tips, said to be the best

Cooling the summer heat to cool down has always been the topic that people are most loyal to discussion. How can we respond healthily?

The following small series gives you a summary of all the summer health tips that the doctor will warn you.


Hot tea hot tea is the best drink in summer, and cold drinks, beer, coffee metering, adding potassium to tea, can both quench your thirst and relieve fatigue.

The cooling capacity of hot tea is much higher than that of cold drinks, and it is an outstanding leader in summer refreshing drinks.


Vitamin E Vitamin E is the best nutrient in summer, it can minimize the strong sunshine, ozone, and fatigue in summer.

Vitamin E is high in malt, bran, bread, walnut puree, dairy products and other foods.


Swimming and swimming is the best exercise in summer. It can exercise the hands, feet, waist and abdomen of the human body and benefit the internal organs, such as heart, brain, lung, liver, etc. It is especially beneficial to blood vessels and is known as “vascular gymnastics”.In addition, swimming can also lose weight.


Vinegar vinegar is the best seasoning in summer. The hot people sweat more in the weather. Eat more vinegar, which can increase the concentration of stomach acid, help digestion and absorption, and promote appetite.

Vinegar also has a strong ability to inhibit bacteria, killing septic staphylococci in a short time, etc. Summer people are more prone to fatigue, sleepiness and discomfort, eat more vinegar, will soon relieve fatigue and maintain full vitality, butNote that some medicines are afraid of jealousy, so it is best to consult a doctor during the medication.


Bitter vegetables summer bitter vegetables are the best vegetables, high temperature and high humidity in summer, often make people feel weak, tired and tired, chest tightness, dizziness, loss of appetite, body weight loss, at this time, eating bitter vegetables has great benefits.

Because bitter foods are rich in alkaloids, amino acids, bitterins, vitamins and minerals, such as bitter gourd, lily, lotus seeds, celery, etc., which have the functions of eliminating heat, eliminating fever, removing trouble, refreshing, and strengthening the spleen and stomach.


Tomato soup tomato soup is the best soup in summer. Drink tomato soup in summer to get nutrition and make up the water.

The tomato soup that is baked after being cooled is lycopene, which has certain anti-prostate cancer and protects the heart. It is better for men.


There is almost no protein and other nutrients in the duck meat in the summer, and it can prevent diseases. The mystery lies in the duck waterfowl, which is cold and cold. It is especially suitable for people who have heat in the body and get angry.


Red is the best color. The extra person thinks that wearing white clothes is the best in summer. In fact, it is better to wear red clothes because red visible light waves are the longest, which can absorb ultraviolet rays in sunlight, protect skin from damage, prevent skin aging and evenCarcinoma, the fabric is a blended T-shirt, the best mixing ratio is 33% cotton and 67% polyester.


The fan fan is the best tool for cooling. The fan is a kind of exercise that can exercise the limbs. If you consciously use the left hand fan, you can also receive the activation of the right brain, develop the right brain, and prevent the accident.

At the same time, the wind body obtained by the fan is also suitable.


Timed sleep Summer sunshine time is long, dawn is early and dark night, people’s living time should be adjusted accordingly, it is appropriate to sleep late and get up early, and can start and sleep.

The best bedtime in summer is 22:00?
23:00, the best wake up time is 5:30?

Once you develop your sleep habits at regular intervals, it is easy to rule out the interference of climate on sleep. The body clock in the body will not be wrong, and all kinds of circadian rhythms will run safely.

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