There are three female bodyguards behind her。

“I found the money?So happy!”Shen Huan smiled
“Watch the gambling with our sister Xiaofeng,Why not pick up money?”Mu Ruru looks refreshed,“My dad won’t go today,Only two of us,And three sisters!Let’s see my little girl, the King of Emerald, show great power!”
“I’ll follow you to buy it。”Shen Huan joked。
Mu Ruru gave him a white look,A pair“You are so embarrassed to care about my little girl”Disdain。
I saw three female bodyguards following,Shen Huan knew that Mu Guishu agreed。
How exactly did Mu Ruru subdue Dad?,Shen Huan is a little curious,But he won’t ask。
The two drove back to the hotel first,Then rest for a while,Just sitting in the rented hotel car,Arrived at the small auction site。
Today’s venue and yesterday are two directions,But they are all in the city。
After all, the people at Jade Company understand,If it is in the suburbs,Many people may not dare to go。
Keep it in a safe place,Everyone will feel at ease。
The auction scale this time,Bigger than yesterday’s,But the goods are obviously not as good as yesterday。
Shen Huan picked20Multiple pieces,I also commissioned Mu Ruru to buy a dozen yuan。
Mu Ruru herself is quite interesting,In addition to executing Shen Huan’s commission,She herself looked at the bet very seriously。
Finally she pointed out what she was optimistic about7Block gambling,Let Shen Huan help decide which one is best。
Shen Huan chose a piece for her270Kilograms of big bet。

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