First194chapter How can you serve as a foil for others

Shu Qing was not here to listen to Wen Qingxuan discussing the working methods of grassroots cadres,But after hearing Wen Qingxuan’s words,Actually gave her a lot of inspiration,She even ended up hanging out for herself“Graduation works”Found a theoretical basis,She is a little excited,Been here for so long,She has rarely been in contact with Wen Qingxuan alone,Although she knows this is a grassroots theoretical master,But I rarely discussed with him about a certain issue,Including Peng Changyi,They all seem to have doubts about her identity,Lest they will appear in one of her articles,Act as her material,I didn’t expect an accidental act,Actually got a windfall,She smiled and said:
“You are so right,This is the most objective thing I have heard in so long、The most realistic theoretical view。”
Wen Qingxuan saw that his theory was approved by Shu Qing,Very happy,Said:“I’m telling you, Secretary Shu,I have been this theory long ago,But I can’t find a soulmate at the grassroots level,No one listens to you。On the eve of the Niuguantun incident earlier,I confronted the leader at the time,But it’s useless,to be honest,I am a scholar,It seems that the role of scholars will never match the role of the state apparatus,But what happened?After the Niuguantun incident,I wrote an article,But I didn’t publish it。”
Shu Qing looked at Wen Qingxuan,Said:“Why don’t you publish?”
Wen Qingxuan said:“Unless I don’t mix in this place,I just don’t mix in this place,Some things are not easy to say publicly,Because i’m at the grassroots level,I know the difficulty of the work at the grassroots level,Thousands of threads have to be threaded through this needle,Finance is not enough,Good and bad cadres,Different qualities。and,Our country is still almighty government。Constitutional18Power,Including politics、economic、culture、society、diplomatic、Military power,And the first18Item is not clear‘Other powers’,Jurisdiction is almost all-encompassing。Local people’s governments at and above the county level manage the economy within their administrative area、education、science、culture、health、physical education、Urban and rural construction and finance、Civil affairs、public security、Ethnic affairs、Judicial administration、Monitor、Administrative work such as family planning。Because there are too many jurisdictions,Requires huge national institutions。Take our Kangzhou as an example,The four system subordinates have56Direct departments,The party committee system has9Direct departments,Municipal government system has24Administrative departments,Party and government subordinates have22Business bureau,National People’s Congress and CPPCC1Direct departments。There are as many as secondary institutions under the four major systems316A。You said,Such a huge organization,Which department is still busy,why,Just because we manage too much,Put too little,Easy to form and difficult to enter,Ugly face,Difficult situation,The masses don’t trust you anymore,Many grassroots conflicts are caused by this。and so,Grassroots,If not governed by law,The foundation is bound to be unstable,Unstable foundation,The building above will be weak,The consequences can be imagined。”
Shu Qing said:“You are too accurate。”
Wen Qingxuan smiled,Said:“I’m just chatting with you, a cadre from the provincial party committee, on this,Don’t tell my colleagues,It’s like I’m the only one in the world worrying about the country and the people。”
Shu Qing feels Wen Qingxuan is also a very thoughtful grassroots cadre,Just say:“You said so well。”
Wen Qingxuan sighed,Said:“Ugh,I also felt it,So many things are like this,Every policy above is a good policy,Benefit the country and the people,But it’s not always the case when it comes to the grassroots。So I just said,rule by law,First, we must govern the grassroots。sometimes,Don’t say the people are not satisfied,Don’t trust you,That’s all for a reason。”
Shu Qing also decided that this old scholar must be sent out because of something.,Just said:“What makes you feel so strong?”
Wen Qingxuan’s meaning is still unfinished,Said:“When you come,We are discussing how to increase the publicity of the industrial and trade park,This is the task that Mayor Zhu gave me alone yesterday。”
“Oh?Is construction started now??”Shu Qing was a little surprised at Zhu Guoqing’s speed。

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