The swallow’s chicken paws that have just gnawed halfway can’t go on……

“We have a great number of female soldiers in the Dragon Soul Force,I will introduce you one more;Do you recognize this girl??”
Qin Liang triumphantly stretched out his hand to point to Murong Shan!
“dying!When did this guy become crazy!”
Murong Shan whispered to Shen Ruoxi next to him……
“These girls are so pretty,Where do we recognize who is who!”
Aunt Zhao rushed to answer。
“Ha ha,I know you can’t recognize her,She is Murong Shan!Is that popular artist,Emperor superstar,As a queen,Murong Shan, the queen of the song again!”
Qin Liang gave Murong Shan again in one go“sell”Up!
“Oh my god!She is Murong Shan!Damn,I like watching your movies and TV shows!I am your fan!You don’t think my fan is too old, right??”
Aunt Zhao is more excited than anyone else,All crazy!
“how come……Thank you Aunt Zhao,Thank you for always loving me,Thank you all。”
Murong Shan has no idea,I had to stand up and thank you again and again。
The celebration turned into a fan meeting in an instant,People are rushing to meet Murong Shan,Shen Ruoxue,Liu Xiaoyun joined forces,In the end, as long as it’s Shen’s sister,J,Were all rushed to take photos!Even Murong Qiaoyao was not spared,Shen Ruoxi,Chen Hao,Song Min,Yang Shiyun,plum,Swallow,Li Qiaoer,Li Yaxin couldn’t run away……
Qin Liang looked eagerly,Overjoyed!to him,These girls all belong to him“woman”,Whether it’s a wife,Lover,Apprentice,Daughter,In short, all belong to his private property,So at this moment he is satisfied,A sense of accomplishment and pride。
Xiao Yuer is also very excited,She didn’t expect;It turns out that these big aunts and little aunts are so famous,So popular!She suddenly felt that she could live with them,To be one of them,It’s really a very lucky and proud thing。
And Xiao Yuer’s uncle and aunt have the same idea,My baby and niece, whom I didn’t know about life and death for years, not only came back alive,And she also became the famous Shen family sister,The sisters around me are such awesome heroes,It’s really for my family,The kind of fighting for her tragic death of parents,So they are also proud and proud。
This meal,I really ate enough for three hours and went out for a while!But there is always a banquet in the world,Another lively party,There will also be when the song ends……
The celebration is over,Qin Liang who secretly settled the account,After being complained by Xiao Yu’er’s uncle,,Still returned the money to Qin Liang,Qin Liang couldn’t refuse repeatedly,In the end, I had to reluctantly accept it。
Back to the door of Xiao Yuer’s house mightily,The excited crowd still did not disperse,Instead, they continued to rush around around the Shen family’s girls……

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