[How to make butter with milk]_cream_how to make_how to make

[How to make butter with milk]_cream_how to make_how to make

Many friends like the taste of cream very much, because the taste of cream is soft and has a slight milky taste.

The method of using milk to make cream is very simple. The ingredients are milk, egg white, and cooking oil, and then stir according to the proportion.

Homemade cream: Material: 1 kg of edible oil milk powder / 2 kg of fresh milk Method: Mix together to make a cream paste: Put eggs and sugar in a pot and stir, add milk, stir with an egg spoon while warming, wait to be burnedAfter opening, add butter to the eggbeater and pass it, then add rum to make the cream.

1. Divide the purchased frozen cream into several portions and freeze them in plastic wrap, so that each time you use it, you can take out a small piece and melt it.

(To make an 8-inch cake, 1/4 piece of cream is enough.

I used 1/3 today, too much, and some left.

) 2. Put the required frozen cream (covered with plastic wrap) in the refrigerator and thaw.

By the way, put the clean, oil-free and water-free large basin and the head of the eggbeater together in the refrigerator.

3. The frozen butter is melted in the freezer until there is no ice cream. You can take it out and pass it on.

4. Before the beating, prepare a basin of ice water. The effect of whipped cream over ice water is better.

5) Use an electric egg beater to beat for about 10 minutes. The cream is thick and gradually hardens. It can easily pull out sharp corners without falling, which is almost the same.

(Because the cream itself is already sugary, you don’t need to add sugar for it.

If you’re buying whipped cream, you’ll need to add sugar as needed to pass.


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