[How to choose Cordyceps flower]_ Cordyceps flower _ How to choose _ Picking skills

[How to choose Cordyceps flower]_ Cordyceps flower _ How to choose _ Picking skills

Cordyceps flower has become a very popular medicinal material. There are many cordyceps products on the market today, so some people must know how to choose correctly when buying. They can choose through various criteria such as packaging, texture and taste.

1. Packaging: Generally good Cordyceps flowers are packaged at the cultivation site to ensure that the loss of spore powder is minimized. The key to the nutrition of Cordyceps flowers is on the spore powder, so this is very important.There are company information such as factory site, contact information, brand, etc.

Cordyceps flowers of poor quality are generally in bulk, even if they are packaged, they are generally packaged. They are usually packaged by wholesalers or retailers, and most of them have no company information such as factory address, contact information, and brand.

Cordyceps flowers from Xinhui are more famous in Guangdong. Generally, they are best packed in sealed bags after opening.

2. Dryness: The dryness of Cordyceps militaris in the distance will generally reach more than 90% (the standard of dryness of Xinhui Cordyceps militaris is 93%). It feels hard and brittle to get started;

3. Body: Good Cordyceps flowers generally use milk powder, rice and soybeans as the nutrient base. The nutrient content of the cultured Cordyceps flowers is round. Cordyceps flowers are round, solid, textured, and smooth.Glucose water, which has no nutritional value, can not provide the nutrients needed for the growth of bacteria. The shaft is generally flat and some are round (even the round body is sponge-shaped and hollow).

4. Taste: The cultivation of Cordyceps flower in the distance is generally large-scale cultivation, expansion of specifications, and attention to environmental hygiene. The taste of the cultivated Cordyceps flower is fragrant and has mushroom-like fungi.

The poor Cordyceps flower is cultivated in a large environmental area and is not paid attention to hygienic conditions. Most of it is cultivated in small workshops, so the poor quality Cordyceps flower generally has a smell of rancidity and odor.

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