Three people in life from 8:1


Three people in life from 8:1

On the day we traveled, I thought three people were off the line: the first person cried from the early morning and didn’t want you to go. I kept pulling your hand and said that I would always miss you. I would like to contact you several times a day to bring you close.At the door, then go back to the room to continue watching the concert of his worshipped idol.

The second person will help you pack your luggage, make breakfast for you, drive you to the airport, and say: Take care!

Then go back to work.

The third person silently sat at a place far away from you, looking at you, saying nothing and doing nothing, you can hardly feel his existence.

But he misses you, always worrying about you, praying to your God three times a day, three days in the morning, and getting peace in prayer.

銆€銆€When we came back, we: bought a lot of lovely gifts for the first person, took him to dinner, went to the playground, saw that they were very happy, felt peace of mind, and even the color of the sky became transparent.

Give the second person a hug, help him dump the garbage, be happy for him to get a lot of bonuses this month, and be grateful for his companionship.

Give the third person a polite smile and say: Hey!

Then I don’t know how to express it.

銆€銆€When we lose them: Losing the first person, we lose the color of life, after the darkness, we suddenly encounter new colors in the corner and start a new journey.

Losing the second person, we lost our arms, unable to lift the burden of the future, and after eating a lot of supplements, finally returned to the original state.

Losing the third person began to feel nothing. Finally, one day I discovered that my soul had gone away from the day I lost, and I found that I lost my invisible fortress and could never be close.

銆€銆€The first kind of feelings are lovers, children, friends, young.

銆€銆€The second kind of feeling is husband’s, wife’s, friend’s, middle-aged.

銆€銆€The third kind of feeling is parent, lover, confidant, forever.

銆€銆€The first type of effort is language.

The second type of pay is time.

The third kind of pay is life.

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