Carefully step into the misunderstanding of health care products

Carefully step into the “misunderstanding” of health care products

Women’s health products have always been popular.
While the majority of female compatriots are rushing to buy health products and taking health care products, have they thought that this method can really promote health care as it is said; how to use it can have the best effect on one’s health.
How much do you know about the real health care market?
銆€銆€Consumption promotes production, and manufacturers of women’s health products all over the country are keeping an eye on the fatness of the female market.
銆€銆€A few days ago, the reporter learned in the interview that women’s health products in the market are mainly divided into beauty, detoxification, blood supplement and weight loss, but each product is not favored by the market.
Among them, the most beautiful is the beauty products.
The huge market and stable sales have attracted many health care companies to promote or “turn over” such products.
銆€銆€Secondly, it is a detoxification product. In recent years, the concept of 鈥渄etoxification and beauty鈥?has been approved by the majority of urban women. 鈥淗ealthy detoxification can be truly beautiful and relaxed鈥?has become the consensus of many consumers.
The blood-supply products are stable and stable. It is observed that the female blood supply market is relatively dull, and some old blood products such as the red peach K occupy the main body of the female blood supply market.
However, weight loss products are in full swing, and weight loss is the eternal pursuit of many women, so manufacturers will never give up this piece of fertile soil.
According to the salesperson of the health product counter on the first floor of Xidan Shopping Center, a new brand of slimming tea sold out in the past.
銆€銆€In fact, many women’s health products do not clearly categorize which category they belong to. For example, many 鈥渄etoxification and beauty products鈥?are mixed together.
In the Jiashitang pharmacy near the Beijing Trade Union Building, the clerk recommended to the reporter a brand of capsule that can both nourish and slim down, and said that the effect is good.
銆€銆€Young and middle-aged people are the main consumer groups. The reporters learned from these pharmacies that most of the people who buy women’s health products are young and middle-aged.
Among them, detoxification and beauty products are mainly women in the age of 30, and weight loss is a girl in their twenties. According to the clerk of Xidan Jinxiang Pharmacy, there are many students who often buy slimming tea.
The blood-filling class is more targeted, and the consumer groups are more complex. People of all ages have it, usually people with nutritional anemia.
銆€銆€Moreover, most of the female consumers who often buy certain types or brands are tempted by the 鈥渢emptation鈥?of 鈥渕agic鈥?advertisements, followed by the 鈥減romotion鈥?of listening to friends or colleagues, and the mentality of trying to try, only oneThe small part is to face the dazzling array of products, and ask the doctor.
At the Baita Temple pharmacy, the reporter met a girl in her twenties. After half a day of “patrol” on the shelf of slimming tea, she had to “help” the salesperson.
In the conversation with the girl, I learned that there are too many advertisements for weight loss. When I see a brand at the pharmacy, I really don’t know which one to buy.
銆€銆€涓撳鎻愮ず鎱庨€夊コ鎬т繚鍋ュ搧銆€銆€闅忕潃濂虫€т繚鍋ュ搧甯傚満浜夊ず鎴樼殑鏃ョ泭婵€鐑堬紝鍚勫巶瀹垛€滅涔庡叾绁炩€濈殑骞垮憡鎴栦績閿€鎵嬫璁╀汉闅捐鲸鐪熶吉锛岀櫧濉斿鑽簵鐨勫挩璇笓瀹跺崡鏁欐巿鍛婅瘔璁拌€咃紝鐜板湪璁稿When consumers buy health care products, regardless of the three seven twenty-one, the heart moves, and ignores the different physiological and pathological conditions of each person.
In fact, when choosing a product, it should be appropriate to you. It is necessary to see whether the sugar content and composition of the product meet your own needs.
For example, rhubarb, which is a substance containing terpenoids, is beneficial to the people in need, but if it is not needed, blind long-term use will inhibit the body’s own immunity, and over time, it may affect the human body.Absorption of certain beneficial substances.
銆€銆€Health food is essentially a kind of food. Although it has certain “efficacy”, it is not “effective”. Some health care products manufacturers often exaggerate the efficacy of products in order to pursue profits. Consumers should not be convinced to avoid being fooled.
銆€銆€In addition, Professor Nan also said that health care products generally have a specific application group, not everyone is suitable to take, consumers are best to buy under the guidance of health experts or doctors.
When eating, you should also eat strictly according to the amount indicated in the product, otherwise there may be adverse effects.
銆€銆€Misuse of health care products, easy to get women’s disease However, clinical observations show that the abuse of hormones such as breast milk, weight loss and other oral beauty products have become one of the causes of female cysts.
銆€銆€Among the hot-selling beauty oral health products, the most popular ones are anti-aging, endocrine regulation (in order to prevent pigmentation, adult acne) and weight loss products.
Although the products sold in the formal market are mostly controlled by the state, in recent clinical statistics, we have found that the incidence of many ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids is also concentrated in the oral administration of such products.
This suggests that some women may be quite sensitive to trace hormones.
銆€銆€Although the inevitable relationship between beauty products and high incidence of cysts has not been investigated, we believe that it is necessary to remind women between the ages of 30 and 50 that they are in the period of high incidence of cysts and the need for anti-aging and weight loss.It is also the strongest. If you take the beauty products without thinking, then it is likely to induce cysts, fibroids, or to cause the cysts that are not problematic to be reversed or collapsed, causing peritonitis and causing serious problems.
銆€銆€Before the age of 30, you need to take a beauty oral liquid, capsules, the most safe way is to do a gynecological examination every year, after removing the cyst constitution, and then take these products under the guidance of a doctor.
When purchasing beauty and health care products, you should pay attention to whether the ingredients are labeled, you can’t buy products with unknown origin, and the beauty products that indicate whitening and treat certain skin problems are mostly informal products, and you need to be vigilant.
銆€銆€Although it does not oppose various beauty care products, it is not encouraged and is not recommended.
If you have problems with pigmentation, acne, etc., you must see a doctor, health care products can only play a complementary role.

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