Small changes bring black people’s health


Small changes bring black people’s health

Doctors and dietitians not only have the expertise, but also their own way of health.

The British “Daily Mail” recently interviewed some experts and shared their experiences with everyone.

銆€銆€One-toe brushing: Tim Hatchford (Leste’s chiropractic therapist) When I brush my teeth, it is a single-toe, which can exercise the central muscles that keep the body stable, protect the limbs from exercising, and sedentaryEspecially important for people.

Start with the tip of the left foot and one foot, and then change the right foot when the station is unstable.

銆€銆€A mirror is always available at the table: Simon Costing (London Body and Ceremony Center) often takes a look from the mirror in the table, allowing me to quickly realize whether I am unknowingly entering a lazy state.

From the state of mind, entering the lazy state is to put the pressure behind, vertical and vertical.

A regular mirror can urge you to sit up straight.

銆€銆€Breakfast before going to bed: Dr. Andrew Dawson (Chief Headache, King’s College Hospital, London) lacks food, and our body transfers stored energy into sugar, which can cause migraine headaches or headaches.

If you eat a bowl of nutritious cereal breakfast before going to sleep, you can alleviate a lot of potential headaches and discomfort.

銆€銆€Take off your suit before work: At the beginning of the work of Robin Sheppard (British Osteopathic Society), I will take off my suit jacket as soon as possible.

These tight body charges and breathing cause adverse effects: bone distortion, pain in the buttocks.

We will be forced to breathe with the upper part of the lungs, causing pressure on the front.

銆€銆€Right lie to improve indigestion: Dr. Sarah Bennett (Physician) If I feel that I have eaten more, or have a little indigestion after eating a meal, I will lie down because the esophagus is at the front of the body.Connected to the stomach, the sleeping position on the right side allows food to pass through the digestive tract more efficiently.

銆€銆€Feel less hair and use less towels to dry your hair: Dr. Benjamin Faller (hair repair surgeon) refers to drying his hair with a towel. I prefer to let the hair dry naturally, because excessive friction will break and destroy the outer scales of the hair shaft.
I also prefer to use a wide-toothed comb that has less hair damage.

Rubbing your hair often, the more damage you have to the hair shaft, the thinner the hair will become.

銆€銆€Quick-frozen plush toys: Dr. Steve Turner (Dundi University Allergy Specialist) The feces of microbial insects in plush toys can increase eczema or pressurization.

For toys that are not suitable for frequent cleaning, they can be lyophilized.

At minus 20 掳 C, the lungs could not survive.

銆€銆€Old TCM Health Network: These simple little changes above can bring you more health.

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