How single female white-collar workers get along with older men

How single female white-collar workers get along with older men

Talking is sometimes not to communicate and relieve stress. The female elites in the workplace need more practical and effective guidance. They are more meaningful to build an “intimate relationship” with older successful men.

But they must always remind themselves not to cross his borders and become his lover.

As a result, this period of men and women forgetting to be in a relationship is like a thrilling game of tightrope walking.

  Sweetly, go to a fight. The relationship between men and women is always like a fight.

One psychologist believes that the maintenance of interpersonal relationships is due to three factors: passion, understanding and commitment.

Specific to the relationship between the opposite sex confidant, enthusiasm should be moderate, not too ambiguous, it should be profound, of course, there is a gradual process.

But the deeper you understand, the more rational you are, the more you can play the trap of opposite sex temptation and openly oppose each other. Commitment is also necessary.

If you can see each other clearly and put yourself in the right place, then this battle can be slowly and sweetly fought.

  Father-loving man, his age may already be your father, and most terribly, he also has all the advantages of a perfect father.

For example, it is rich in experience, mature and stable, well-informed, profound and profound, and has learned countless successes from countless failures and setbacks.

From a vulgar perspective, perhaps there will be countless wealth and rights.

He will not hesitate to praise you, spoil your waywardness like a father, he can easily meet your needs and protect you from the wind and rain like a big tree.

He will teach you the hidden rules of this society and take you into another circle that once could only be seen.

With him, you will feel very much like Alice in Wonderland, chasing the rabbit that has been moving you forward.

  Tip: There are certain types of people you can’t meet.

Don’t be too purposeful in your interactions, don’t treat them as objects you rely on.

It ‘s your first duty to have a good grasp of his attitude. His experience, experience, knowledge, and interest may be more abundant than you. You can enjoy the wonderful feeling he brings to you, but do n’t expect him to know more about you.There is often no age limit in my heart.

Only father can give you infinitely, but he is not, so don’t ask for indulgence.

  The close friend MAN does not necessarily experience many things in person, but his age gives him a pair of eyes that can see the world.

He always looks for commonalities in other men and women’s armed forces, and then correctly avoids conflicts that may arise between you and him.

When you are unreasonable, he will change roles in time to make you feel coquettish; when you are upset, you can listen, hand in a handkerchief that wipes tears, and use his wisdom and ability to solve it for you; before youWhen you are tired of the intimate relationship between two people, he will take a step back indifferently, leaving room for you to release your emotions.

A man who can easily master the changes of women does not necessarily know much about women, but he knows how to adjust himself in time.

Such men are mature and worry-free.

  Tip: He doesn’t necessarily just fall in love with you, but you must have something he admires.

Therefore, maintaining a relaxed and natural state of communication is the best way to understand how to share his mood, not just his emotions, so that even a beautiful woman will become abominable.

Don’t forget to learn, this is a process to improve yourself.

Smart people always improve themselves to maturity, and differences in age are not an excuse for differences in wisdom.

  The boss-man has already achieved his fame, so he feels that he has walked more bridges than you have walked.

He likes to arrange everything for you, whether you like it or not, but he always thinks he is right.

He wants you to grow according to his trajectory, or grow under his leadership, he can tolerate your small mistakes, tolerate your weird ideas, but can not resist his final ideas.

Because, in his world, he is the master.

He is a kind of domineering gentleness towards you, which makes you disgusted while moving.

  Tip: To know how old a man is, it is not easy to change his mind.

Intense expression of resistance will only break the balance between you.

If you can’t save the country by curve, then try to convince yourself, maybe not as difficult as you think.

Work hard to find his lovely side from ordinary things, and go all out to move with him from his story, do not let him feel that you are trying to please him.

Also, it is necessary to keep suggesting that he is a genius.

After all, geniuses are weird.   The typical MAN of a partner-type man is a bit like you. Maybe it ‘s the way of life, maybe it ‘s your personality. In short, your actions are very consistent, whether at work or in private.

Only he knows best what you think, what you want, and what you need.

Just like the best dance partner, he can lead the most harmonious dance steps under his guidance.

With him, you feel like a fish, and you can freely retract.

Over time, you can even develop into a couple under the right conditions.

  Tip: Although the ambiguous approach is an excitement, but an independent space is an essential condition.

Don’t try to understand his inner world, and don’t show him all the trivial matters.

For a man of his age, nothing has been seen. If two people who are too similar and know each other for too long, they will become as dull as boiling water.

Once the total freshness is added, it is the beginning of the change from thick to thin between you.

For him, you who keep a little mystery are the most worth following.

  The eunuch type MAN is not all men can be passionate and stop being polite.

Those capable men who are afraid of old age will like your youth.

Usually men are not as afraid of old as women, but old men often realize the means of retaining their manliness by dealing with young women.

Those older men get along with young women, giving them a strong “second spring” feeling.

At the same time, in the care and material help given to young women in life, their self-worth is reflected and self-satisfaction is achieved.

Maybe he often stares at you as you walk past his desk.

When you happen to be in the copy room, if he happens to be there, he will talk to you too diligently.

He may pay attention to your whereabouts and remember your mobile phone number, regardless of whether there are pictures of him and his wife on his desk.

  Tip: Recognize them, don’t be fooled by superficial phenomena, and don’t be delusional.

They are men who have a bad heart for young women.

Even the politeness actually hides mystery, or plainly wants to take advantage.

For such people, you need to be polite and righteous, and sometimes humorously ironic to remind him that remembering his age is actually a good way.

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