Three movements to eliminate wrinkles

Three movements to eliminate wrinkles

If you look in the mirror every day, do you notice that your neck is quietly covered with a few fine lines, this is the neck line.

Don’t want this neckline to reveal your age, practice the following beauty yoga together from today to make your skin firm instantly.

  Cobra 1. Lie on your back with your forehead on the ground and your hands on your side.

  2. Chest clip, put your hands next to your chest, inhale, and lift your upper body.

  3. Keep the elbows slightly bent backwards, the spine extended (including the cervical spine), shortened, the chin extended homeopathically, and the head slightly raised to look at the ceiling.


Observation in the classroom, sometimes scholars will completely release the alignment and turn it into a decapitated duck. This is wrong. Such movements may form an unnatural shrug and severely compress the back cervical spine. Please pay attention to the literature!!
Rest after rest.

  Sitting in a side bend 1, sitting, harvesting tray or sitting at will.

  2. Lift your hands up when inhaling, and bend from the waist to the right when exhaling.

  3, face turned to the ceiling, feeling the length of the side neck muscles extended during the stay.

Revert to the end and practice while changing sides.

  Expanded chest style 1, ready for loose disk.

  2. Hold your hands behind your back and inhale. Try to extend your body and expand your chest. Straighten your arms backwards and lift your chest up.

  3. If the hands can not be held in the back smoothly, you can use the upper and lower belts to support, tilt your head back slightly, and your throat will open and prolong.

Maintain three deep and long breaths and restore movement.

  Conclusion: Students who have been practicing yoga for a long time should know that yoga is not just a series of movements, but it is more important to establish a healthy attitude to life, and at the same time help students to correct their posture without knowing it.

Almost all the neck wrinkles we mentioned have many causes. In addition to inheritance or more severe skin sagging is a residual, the other main cause is the formation of the day after tomorrow, such as: lying down watching TV, sleeping too high pillows, bowing head all dayGood for work or poor posture.
Factors such as this may be caused, and the lines that have formed have gradually deteriorated due to untimely maintenance. It is recommended that you maintain and correct more on weekdays. Do not wait for the neckline to start maintenance!

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