Traditional Chinese Medicine Explains the Five Fires of the Human Body

Traditional Chinese Medicine Explains the “Five Fires” of the Human Body

In life, people often say “recently got angry” and “too angry”, then what is the meaning of this so-called fire? Are there any special manifestations of this? The following will be the five fires for the human bodySpecific introduction.
  1. Liver fire Liver fire is caused by liver insufficiency, hyperactivity of hepatitis, and qi depression. It is mainly manifested as headache, dry mouth, irritability, and numbness of limbs.
  2. The kidney fire is generally caused by deficiency, which is commonly referred to as the phase of fire, which is mainly manifested as dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, loose teeth or pain.
In the evening, dry mouth, irritability, insomnia, night sweats, accompanied by waist and knee pain or tibia pain, heel pain and nocturnal emission, etc., red tongue without moss.
  3, heart fire, heart fire is mostly due to yin and yang imbalance in the body, kidney water deficiency, forgetfulness, mainly manifested as low fever, night sweats, upset, dry mouth.
  4, lung fire lung fire wang specific manifestations of cough without sputum or less sputum and sticky, dry cough for a long time, body fever, night sweats.
  5. Stomach fire: Stomach fire is mainly caused by evil heat. It is related to excessive drinking and spicy food. It is mainly reflected in hunger, irritability, dry stool, toothache, bleeding gums, nose bleeding, red tongue and yellow fur.

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