Traditional Chinese Medicine for Health and Fuyang

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Health and Fuyang

First, the health of traditional Chinese medicine, Fuyang as the outline From the balance theory, we know that the balance of yin and yang is the guarantee of health.

But yin and yang balance is by no means equal to yin and yang equality.

The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine argues that there is a relationship of “master of yin and yang in yin and yang” in human body.

The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine states: “The secret of Yin Ping Yang, the spirit is the rule”, “wherever yin and yang are essential, yang is dense.

“Only when the yang is full and in a hidden state, can the yin and yang be secreted.

Only the yang is dense, and nothing is consumed in order to consolidate the essence of life.

It shows that the key to the coordination of yin and yang lies in the prosperity and fullness of yang.

The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine states: “Yang Qi, if the sky and the sun, lose their lives, they will die.

This is why Yang Yang went on, and Weiwei also.

That is to say: Yang Qi is like the sun in the sky. It is very powerful and is the foundation of life. It is the key to coordinating Yin and Yang, ensuring health and longevity, and resisting the invasion of diseases and evils.

If the Yang Qi is not dense and leads to “lost its place”, it will die and it will be short-lived.

The true meaning of healing and keeping in good health is to inspire and protect yang.

It is the weakness of the Yang Qi that has caused one or another of our health problems.

The True Story of Healing is more specific: “It can be seen that the lord of the yin and the yin also have the yang flow, and the yin does not stagnate.

On the contrary, there is insufficient yang, a slight blockage, and numerous diseases.

In a nutshell: a person has five internal organs, six meridians and organs, fur and muscles, but in some places, if the yang is not enough, he will get sick.

This is the main cause of all diseases.

The normal physiological basis of the human body is the result of the compulsory balance between yin and yang. The occurrence and development of human diseases are caused by the destruction and destruction of the normal relationship of yin and yang, which is the main opposition of yang.

The physical yang (the real fire of the life gate) is also known as the true yang, Yuanyang, Yuanqi, and the fire of Dragon Thunder. From these titles, it is known that it is the most important thing in the human body.

There is life without it, and no life without it.

Therefore, the ancients believed that all yin (extremities and bones, five internal organs, six blood vessels, essence and blood fluid) were static, which was called “dead yin”; only Yang (the real fire of life gate) was alive and alive.

As soon as the yang is gone, life ends, and the rest is just a bollshell (the life of the deceased is called Yangshou).

Such an extremely important thing also has an extremely important characteristic, which is that it should be hidden and not fly over.

The so-called “yang does not suffer much, it is expensive to hide.”

Why is the true fire hidden in the human body?

Because it is hidden, you can nourish your anger, and your life must last a long time.

If Zhenyang cannot be hidden or used for other purposes, and angry cannot be nurtured, how can life not be in danger?

Therefore, do a good job of the true sun, the potential of life and fire is extremely important to life.

The loss of hidden causes excessive dissipation of Zhenyang or even Yueyue, which can not live long, and will lead to the occurrence of many critical syndromes.

Staying up late in life, overeating, drunkenness, and other wrong eating habits, or irritability, anxiety, and other bad emotions will consume Yang Qi and make Yang Qi hidden.

Health is Yang Yang.

Everything grows on the sun, and yang is the sun in the human body.

Holding up the sun in the human body, it can illuminate our internal organs and bring us long-term health.

Anyone, as long as he pays attention to protecting the yang at all times to make the yang strong, can be free from disease.

No matter how old you are now, as long as there is plenty of yang, living to heaven is not a dream.

Second, the manifestation of Yang Yang and the method of recuperation. Because traditional Chinese medicine knowledge has not been widely disseminated in the society, many people do not understand what happens to the body after the weakness of Yang Qi.

Generally speaking, the following symptoms mean that the body is weak or affected: 1.

I didn’t feel sick, but my face was pale, pale, dull, and not very rosy, some kind of sub-healthy state; or my complexion was dark (the kidney qi was not solid enough to be exposed, which is dangerous).2.

Resistance decreases, obviously afraid of wind and cold, especially sensitive to cold weather, easy to catch a cold (weak yang can’t resist the cause of external evil); or like to drink hot tea, hot soup, the waist feels cold water pouringYang failure, which induced Dumai Yang Qi does not rise.

) 3.

Poor appetite or thin stools, not forming, often chronic diarrhea, especially after staying up late, after eating cold food, tired or diarrhea after cold or cold (The spleen and stomach depends on the warmth of the congenital kidney yang to steam the water valley.

Yang failure, kidney fire does not produce spleen soil, so that the spleen is not healthy.


Indigestion, malnutrition, anemia or edema (mostly deficiency of the spleen and kidney.

) Or physical recovery is difficult after fatigue, and healing is slow after injury (one of the yang functions is the body’s self-healing ability.

Teenagers and children generally have too much yang, so physical recovery and wound healing are fast).


A little exercise is panic, shortness of breath, easy sweating, and polyuria at night (yang failure, yang out of control).


Irregular menstruation in women, dysmenorrhea, infertility, or grayness in whites; impotence in men, premature ejaculation, etc.


Waist soreness, poor turnover, sluggish spirit, less gas, etc.

(The reason for deficiency of spleen and kidney).

The above is the manifestation of yin and yang, and the total root cause is weak yang.

Today, the above symptoms are no longer exclusive to people with chronic illnesses, and normal people have some or more of the above symptoms.

It can be said that weak yang is a common problem of most modern people.

Everyone who is weak in yang qi must pay attention to the body.

Otherwise, serious illness may follow.

Those with weak yang qi can choose and adjust products according to their specific damage conditions to take care of the yang qi in the human body, and follow the diet and living practices in accordance with the health regimen in their lives to carry out professional maintenance.

In this way, the human body can gradually recover, restore balance, enhance physical fitness and regain health.

Don’t be too anxious when nursing, keep calm, and let the natural mentality help the body’s yang “grow, grow, collect, and hide”.

Facts have proved that: as long as you nurse in accordance with the law, you can gradually develop the yang of the foot body, and within a hundred days, a large number of artificial changes have taken place in the body.

Health is Yang Yang.
Only by protecting yang can one be completely sick.

Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, you need to take care of yang at all times. If you have economic conditions, you can take “Eucommia ulmoides tea” for long-term care, and nourish the yang for good health.

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