Winter Health Essentials – Winter Tibetan


Winter Health Essentials – Winter Tibetan

More than 20 days in the winter, the north has already floated several heavy snows. Guangzhou finally got a bit chilly and went into the winter.

It is said that this winter will be the coldest winter of the 60th year.

I haven’t been cold yet, let’s review the lectures of Wu Shaochong, a Chinese doctor who was recently 鈥淶hezheng Health鈥?, at the Fertile Workshop, to learn how to maintain health in winter.

Nature has experienced spring life, summer long, autumn harvest, and into the winter enclosure. Many animals and plants begin to enter hibernation, and the human body’s yang is also hidden with natural transformation.

“Tibet” is the basis of “life”.

When the winter is hidden, spring will give off a strong vitality.

Violation of the way of raising the kidneys hurts the kidneys, hurts the yang, can’t produce hair in the spring, and is prone to snoring and snoring.

“鐥?, that is, general weakness, such as myasthenia gravis, rheumatism caused by limb weakness, muscle and muscle atrophy, etc.; “鍘? means that yang can not be transported limbs and cold hands and feet.

So winter collection is very important.

What are we going to hide in the winter?

Tibetan body 1 early in the morning, many people ask what secrets to winter health, in fact, early sleep is a good way.

Inside the Neijing: “Before you get up late, you must stay in the sun.”

“When the sun comes out, the talent gets up.”

In winter, you can sleep late, it is okay to sleep until 8 or 9 o’clock, especially on Saturday and Sunday.

2 to go cold, warm winter is very important to keep warm, save yang.

The first is 鈥渘o venting skin鈥? Winter is suitable for meditation, yoga, and eight-section brocade. It is not suitable for up and down sports, running, playing basketball, and playing football.

Because excessive sweating can hurt yang.

The second is “closed”, which can prevent the invasion of the outer cold.

Keep the windows tight in winter, especially when you sleep.

If you do not pay attention, it is easy to catch cold and cold, leading to the onset of cervical and rheumatic diseases.

Also pay attention to the front end to keep warm, protect the kidney yang, lumbar spine can be used with some belts.

It is best for girls to wear skirts in winter, especially during the menstrual period. If you are slightly careless, the cold will go in. During the menstrual period, after childbirth, special attention must be paid after childbirth.

There is also a degree of hot and cold: cold noodles, warm teeth, hot feet.

It is no problem to wash your face with cold water. You should rinse your mouth with warm water.

In winter, you can use some Chinese herbal medicines that are warm and collateral. For example, using Epimedium, Ai Ye, and Citronella to boil water for 20 minutes every day, it is also effective for health.

The Tibetan mind “has made a sense of ambition.”
鈥?”It is also the principle of hiding. Our consciousness, mind, and ambition should be hidden in the heart, not to be excessively revealed.”

The ancients talked about Ling Yunzhi in the chest. The big ambitions should not be revealed lightly. The imitation of the various emotions caused by people may be embarrassing.

In the summer, if you love it, you should love yourself better in the winter so that you can love others better.

For example, the elderly often worry about their children, children and grandchildren.

However, if you are older, you shouldn’t worry about it. However, some elderly people can’t let go. Some of the ideas that educate children are different from those of young people. They will be angry. Instead, they will damage their bodies and add burden to their children.

Although some old people do not intervene, they are always worried in their hearts. This excessive worry is actually a kind of worrying spell.

We should give blessings to our children, grandchildren, not to curses.

Chinese medicine is the fear of the kidney master, fearing that it hurts the kidney.

To make your mind better, you can protect yourself with your hands on your chest. The god seal points on your chest are not the acupuncture points of the heart, but the acupuncture points of the kidney.

Traditional Chinese medicine tells the heart and kidney to intersect, so many of the root causes of heart disease are not heart disease, and some are caused by the kidney.

Many people insomnia in winter, usually with poor kidney function.

This is to use tonifying kidney water, clear heart fire food to nurse, like black sesame seeds, black fungus.Shenfeng points, Shenzang points, these two points are forbidden, you can press 鎻?and moxibustion.

Winter is also a high incidence of depression.

For example, people born in 76 years, congenital physique is too old, cold and popular.

This kind of person’s heart is weak, the idea will be easy to be pessimistic, think about the bad side, so usually the moxibustion navel will be better.

Some people have a lot of pessimistic thoughts in their hearts. It is recommended to read them, listen to them, and copy the “Heart Sutra” or the Taoist “Qing Jing Jing”.

The wisdom of the ancients can help our hearts become more and more peaceful.

More sun and sun is the cheapest tonic. Nowadays, people spend less time in the sun every day, and there are too few contacts with nature, so they always feel that the yang is insufficient.

In fact, nature is the best healer. There are many diseases that will be better when you come into contact with nature. Therefore, more sun exposure can not only supplement yang, but also one of the methods to prevent winter depression.

Kidney and kidney are the congenital, and winter is the best solar qi in the kidney.

Some people suffer from insomnia in winter because of the poor function of kidney packing.

“Water gram fire”, if the kidney water is insufficient, the heart fire is prosperous.

Can eat more kidney water, clear heart fire food, such as lotus seeds, Ophiopogon japonicus, lily, medlar, black sesame seeds, black fungus, walnut kernels; with moxibustion several acupuncture points: Taixi, Yongquan, Sanyinjiao, Shenque.

Born in the winter, the north wind occurs mostly in the kidney, and the kidney is infused into the waist.

Winter corresponds to the kidney, so winter is the best time to raise the kidney.

Many lumbar spondylosis is caused by kidney yang deficiency.

Chinese medicine speaks of the heart of the gods, the kidneys are fine.

If a person’s face is very dark, it must be kidney yang, and the heart will be problematic over time.

Some people’s ears are very dark and gray, and it is also caused by kidney yang deficiency.

If you make up your kidneys, your face will not be so dark.

The main function of the kidney is “hidden”, which stores and seals the essence of the human body.

If the kidney loses its sealing function, it will easily lead to diarrhea and enuresis.

Some children’s kidneys are not so well sealed, so they are particularly prone to missing urine and can’t hold their urine. This is normal and needs to be nursed back to health.

Some children have to have enuresis when they are seven or eight years old. This is a need to nurse.

Salty kidneys, kidneys are water in the five elements, and pigs in the five animals.

Five animals on the five internal organs: mutton corresponds to fire; beef corresponds to soil; pork corresponds to water, cold is great, so eating too much pork is easy to wet heavy, cold and heavy.

Beans are more water-repellent and have a high protein content, so they can replenish kidney and kidney.

The gas of the beans is cold (red beans, red beans are not cold, there is dehumidification effect), people with cold spleen and stomach can add two pieces of ginger when drinking soy milk to avoid diarrhea.

People with insufficient kidney water listen to the feathers and use the number 6.

The feathers inside the five elements of music are in the kidney water.

The feather-style music is clean and clear, with a clear, clear, and watery character.

The kidney is in the water of the five elements, and the feather-type music can promote the decline of the whole body, adjust the function of the kidney and the bladder, and nourish the kidney essence.

The water type personality has a fear of the future, lack of security, and his eyes are seen.

The character of the water type is introverted, and the mood is not inconspicuous. It does not like to attract attention, and the mind is meticulous, and the object is meticulous and profound.

However, the water type person avoids excessive yin and can use the water to vent its yin, and then excites its yang with fire, thus obtaining the balance of yin and yang.

The feathers represent the strings of “Two Springs Reflecting the Moon”, “Liang Zhu”, “Han Gong Qiuyue”, “Wu Xia”, “Xiao Chao Fei” and so on.

So music can also cure diseases.

Everything in the world has yin and yang properties, so it can cure diseases, including clothes.

For example, we say that the birth year is 86, 76, 96, purple, red, pink clothing has a therapeutic effect.

The grass Cistanche soup nourishes the winter after the health soup to promote the wild grass Cistanche soup.

Our qi and blood is the root of life. If there is no oil in the car, no matter how good the car is, it is not necessary to adjust the blood.Grass Cistanche soup mainly contains alfalfa, lotus seeds, wild grass Cistanche, and Achyranthes.

Have a good liver and benefit Qi, kidney and impotence, blood and fluid, laxative, health and longevity effect.

There are some very small children around me, only five or six months. One or two years old, there will be spleen and kidney yang, diarrhea, and the grass sputum soup can be used to cure the diarrhea of the child, especially the cold hands and feet.

Oral, it is suitable for people with kidney yang chills, cold waist and knee pain, infertility, constipation, rheumatoid arthritis.

Because it is not difficult to eat with the addition of Achyranthes, it can be eaten before pregnancy.

Many people will suffer from dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, and uterine agitation, also caused by kidney yang deficiency.

In addition to liver qi temperament, kidney yang deficiency type is more.

There is also an alias called “not old grass” in the grass Cistanche, which can find wild Cistanche in the mountains of Liaoning, Heilongjiang and Jilin.

At present, the grass Cistanche is wild, no one has planted it, and it can’t be planted for a while. It needs a very special gas field to produce, which is similar to Ganoderma lucidum.

Because it has the effect of tonifying the kidney, impotence, and prolonging life, the folks call it “not old grass.”

In the “Changbai Mountain Medicinal Plant Survey”, it can be used to nourish the kidney, nourish yin, nourish the yang, and also stop bleeding, especially bladder bleeding and kidney bleeding, bleeding caused by bladder stones can be.

Made with the treatment of kidney stones and gout stones, the effect is also better.

Some people often have chronic urinary infections, especially elderly people with prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy, and grass broth.

“Kai Bao Materia Medica” also said, “The main man has five strokes and seven injuries, supplements the kidneys, makes people have children, goes to the wind”. “The kidney is the master of the essence, the seal is the foundation, the winter is venting,” so this time in winterYou can use kidney grass soup to replenish kidney and kidney.

Ingredients: wild grass Cistanche, fragrant pharmacist iron bar yam, Huairou ecological chestnut, peach flower boutique jujube practice: simmer on a small fire and cook for 1 hour and a half.

[product name]wild grass Cistanche soup[product classification]health[producer]Zezheng farm[origin]Liaoning[product specifications]wild grass Cistanche, wild mountain dates, achyranthes, scorpion, scorpion, lotus seeds, etc.[product price銆慮35 yuan / 85 grams[storage method]pure natural medicated diet, without any additives, preservatives, etc., please seal the refrigerator after opening, stored in 30 tons[effect]kidney and impotence, liver and Qi, blood and fluid, run the intestinesLaxative, strengthen life and improve immunity[applicable symptoms]kidney yang deficiency stomach cold, waist and knee cold pain, infertility, constipation, rheumatoid arthritis Source: fertile soil workshop

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