The old man is not old eight methods

“The old man is not old” eight methods

“People are old and old” has become the consensus of people.
Therefore, the elderly fitness anti-aging and anti-aging should also start from the leg and foot exercise.
Here is a set of health exercises to exercise your legs and feet: 1.
鍗т綅杩愬姩瓒句笌韪濄€€銆€浠板崸搴婁笂锛屽弻涓嬭偄骞充几锛屽弻瓒充竴璧峰仛灞堣毒銆佷几瓒句氦鏇胯繍鍔?0娆★紝浜旇毒鍒嗙銆佸苟鎷?0娆★紝鐒跺悗灞堥珛銆佸眻鑶濄€佷几灞堟棆杞笣鍏宠妭30娆★紝This is the preparation for the whole set of sports.
鍧愪綅韫粴瀛愯繍鍔ㄣ€€銆€鎶婇暱40鍘樼背锛岀洿寰?0-20鍘樼背鐨勫渾鏈ㄦ垨鐭虫粴瀛愶紝鏀惧湪鍦版澘涓婏紝浜哄潗鍦ㄥ簥杈癸紝鍙岃冻韫湪婊氬瓙涓婂墠鍚庢粴鍔?00娆★紝鍙互杈惧埌鑸掔瓔The purpose of activating blood.
Walking on the foot and practicing the flexor muscles Walking on the foot, that is, the heel lifts completely with the toes and walks a hundred steps. This not only can exercise the flexor muscles, but also from the perspective of meridians, it is also beneficial to the smooth three feet.
The heel strikes the extensor muscles, that is, the toes are tilted up and walked with the heels. This is the extensor muscles on the front side of the calf, and the hundred steps can be used to clear the three yang.
Lateral walking and balancing The lateral walking can strengthen the balance function of the vestibule and prevent the ataxia.
Move 50 steps to the right and 50 steps to the left.
Reverse walking and benefit cycle Regression is conducive to the return of venous blood from the distal end to the near-center direction, more effectively exerting the role of the “second heart” of the two feet, which is conducive to circulation.
In addition, when it is retrogressed, it changes the formula of the innervation of the brain, strengthens the functional activities of the brain, and prevents the brain from shrinking due to waste, and it is appropriate to step back one step at a time.
Crawling and lowering blood pressure with limbs Crawling 50 meters with limbs.
When crawling, the body becomes horizontal, which reduces the gravity of the blood vessels of the lower limbs. The blood vessels become diastolic and relax, and the peripheral resistance of the blood discharged from the heart decreases, which is conducive to alleviating hypertension. This has been confirmed by a large number of practices.
韪╄冻鎸夋懇淇冨洖娴併€€銆€濡傛灉鏈?-5宀佺殑灏忓锛屾偍鍙洞鍦ㄥ簥涓婏紝鍙岃冻鑳岃创搴婇潰锛岃冻蹇冩湞涓婏紝璁╁瀛愯丹鑴氳俯鍘嬩綘鐨勫弻瓒筹紝瀛╁瓙鐨勮冻璺熷鍑嗗ぇ浜虹殑The heart is full of 50-100 steps, which is good for promoting blood return; you can also massage yourself without the help of children.
If the elderly can adhere to the above exercise every day, they will delay the arrival of the first leg of the legs, and it is also conducive to the health care of the mind and brain. You may wish to give it a try.

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