He is really enjoying this game。

This game is a blessing for him and basketball。
Since it is a blessing,The final result of this game is really not that important to him。
But it’s not for the fat guy around。
If the final result of this game is that Durant kills Xu Xuan。
This fat man is definitely not like this,Applaud with the Thunder fans,The palms are already red。
Speaking of,This fat man’s consciousness can’t even match the Thunder fans on the sidelines。
but,It doesn’t matter anymore。
The important thing is,This makes him excited,The passionate game has a perfect ending!
103ratio102,Looking at the numbers on the scoreboard,Dayao’s heart still can’t be calm for a long time。
Although there is no holiday habit in China in this Christmas war,But Dayao took the time to watch the live broadcast。
While being frightened in a cold sweat,Also came to a conclusion。
That is you may not be human,But you are really strong!
You here,Of course it refers to Xu Xuan。

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