“Too much,such as,I don’t know how to get along with the leader,How to satisfy the leader,Should I leave the government,even,even……”She glanced at him,No more。

“Even what?”Jiang Fan looked at her,Asked with a smile。
“Even??even……Even gone,Ha ha。”
Although she didn’t feel embarrassed to say it,But Jiang Fan knew,Should I associate with myself,It should be the biggest confusion of this girl,Why she didn’t say it,Is her understanding,She’s afraid of hitting herself,Afraid of stab yourself,Thought of here,He walked over,Hold her little hand,Hold her in my arms,Caress her back,Said:“Let me tell you the following words for you,You don’t even know whether to refuse or accept me,right?”He looked down at her。
She smiled embarrassedly,No affirmation and no denial。
Jiang Fan said:“You have to learn to think independently,Everything follows my own telepathy,If you don’t hate me,Not disgusted,If i deserve your trust,in case……in case,If i don’t come up。”Jiang Fan suddenly felt like confessing to a girl like this,Suspected of deceiving,I am embarrassed to say the following。
After all, there are scruples between the two people,Even though they don’t say anything,But each other is aware of the difficulty,When love really comes,If you love each other without scruples,It doesn’t seem to be the character of these two people,Either now or in the future,It seems that the only thing that can maintain this relationship is trust。
It was a relaxed conversation,It becomes heavy in the end,Ding Yi looked up at him,See him shut his mouth tightly,Looking out the window,A little serious。She reached out,Stroked the face that seemed very firm at this moment,Said:“Sorry,I made the atmosphere heavy。”
Jiang Fan lowered his head,Shook his head silently at her,Kissed her forehead。
Ding Yi suddenly felt distressed,Because she saw the deep pain in his eyes,If there is no responsible person,There will be no such pain,She hugged him tightly,Put his face on his heart,Murmured:“Yes,I believe you。”
Jiang Fan startled,Then hugged her tightly,Like holding the most precious thing in his life。
They played crazy for a day,This is after Jiang Fan came to the place,The most relaxing and pleasant day ever,That lost youthful vitality,Back to him,When night falls,He sent Ding Yi back to school,When breaking up,He said:“Have a nice day。”
Ding Yi flashed his eyes and said:“Are you coming next sunday?”
A sly smile rippled over his mouth,He said:“Do you want me to come?”
Ding nodded。Yes,She hopes,Everyone can go home on Sunday,And she can only stay in the TV room to watch the film,Too unrealistic to go home,It’s boring to go back to Kangzhou,Of course, I hope this and the length of the city will last a day。
That touch of cunning is still hanging around the corner of the mouth,He comes over,Kiss her,Said:“I will come again next time,You are not so lucky。”
Ding Yi listened,Immediately, his face jumped with enthusiasm,She breaks him,I opened the door and ran out,Running towards the school gate,And waved goodbye to him。
Jiang Fan smiled,Said silently in my heart:Fawn,I want to order you。

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