“This is a hamburger full of the love of elders。”Shunhuo explained,And he thinks he’s right,When Water Gate was built, it was done with the love of the elders for the younger ones.。

“Thank you, Uncle Shunhuo。”No matter what,Sunflower is still very considerate, showing a happy expression and accepting the gift of instant fire。
“This kind of gift of yours can only be fooled by sunflowers.”The blogger is talking,Then suddenly changed his attitude,“But thank you so much,Brother Instant Fire。”
“Hey,Blogger,You are called the wrong grade!You should be called Uncle Shunhuo!”Naruto came over at this moment,Punch on the head of the blogger,Then turned to look at Shun Huo and said,“Uncle Instant Fire,You came。”
“Stupid blogger。”Zolena said,Follow Sasuke behind Zoryana。
Although Naruto often misses Bo Ren’s birthday party,But he never missed Sunflower’s birthday party,This is the only place where bloggers feel that their father still has some advantages。
“Kusina,Don’t get closer,Otherwise it will be discovered by Naruto。”On the branch next to Naruto’s house,Water Gate took Jiu Xinnai’s hand and said。
“I’m Naruto’s mother,What happened to my granddaughter’s birthday party?,You know that today is your granddaughter’s birthday, don’t tell me,Only you prepared a birthday present。”Jiu Xinnai looked at the water gate holding her and said。
“That’s because it was dusk when Instantaneous Fire found me to make hamburgers,I can’t tell you that today is Sunflower’s birthday,And what we look like now,Naruto won’t believe that we are his parents.”Seeing the tears coming out of Jiu Xinnai’s eyes,Watergate said quickly,“Ok,Kusina,We can get closer,But be careful。”
As a father, Watergate certainly doesn’t care about his current identity,And whether you can meet Naruto,After all, he is already a dead man,He just needs to know that Naruto has a good life now,Being happy is enough。
But as a mother, Jiu Xinnai is different,in this world,Mother is the most unreasonable creature,No matter how good Naruto’s life is now,No matter how happy,As a mother, Kushina also feels that Naruto’s life is not good,not happy。
Although Mizumon promised to bring Kushina closer to the Sunflower’s birthday party,But he was ready to run away with Jiuxina。
Maybe Kushina has forgotten that Naruto’s wife is a Hyuga,But Pratunam has not forgotten。

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