“Wait a while,I let you kneel down and beg for mercy,Beg me to forgive you。”

Bald fly,Finished proudly。
Pointing towards Lin Yu on the side,Anger:“Yuan Ge,This kid,Say you are just a rubbish,In Ganghwa,Nothing counts。”
As soon as this said。
I just thought about rushing forward,Brother Yuan who said hello,The clothes behind you were scared instantly,Directly wet。
I thought,This bald fly offended person,Is an ordinary person。
did not think of,Even offended his own president。
“forest,Lin Zong,early!”
Brother Yuan heard the bald head fly,Ignore the past。
Wiped the cold sweat on his forehead,Asked fear。
“Ha ha,Your people are going to kill me,You are still in the mood to tell me early?”
Lin Yu who heard this,Flew towards the bald head。
Bald fly,I can’t think of it at all,Lin Yu is the president。

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