It’s just that he hopes that the other party will never become smart at this time,Become sober,It’s no fun if you refuse,After all, the opponent will lose soon,He hopes to see the other party and says he wants to see the other party’s pain and tears。

Can’t blame Song, whose surname is Song, is cruel in his heart,Blame the other party for being so unpleasant,He is just to protect each other,In the end, such a thing can only be said that they are self-reliant。
Anyway, this thing can only go on like this,As for other things, he doesn’t need to care too much,He is waiting,Just waiting for these people to make a choice,Zhang Bai’s Bai is beside him, but he is pulling Song’s clothes with the surname Song,It’s too much to indicate that you don’t want to do anything,Almost forget it。
“I know,I know these people speak badly,Nor be human,But after all, everyone is a friend,Everyone is a big fan of this game,There is no need to make it too ugly。”
This is how Zhang Bai’s Bai explained。
In Huang Lei’s opinion, his words are simply superfluous,Song, whose surname is Song, is also somewhat redundant。
I won’t say anything else,Just say that if the opponent has the advantage,Will you let him and Song whose surname is Song??Obviously impossible,After all, the other party seemed to have made up his mind when they yelled on the phone,It will definitely make Huang Lei and others suffer badly。
As for the money,Of course there will be no less,From this point of view, there is no comparison at all。
It’s just that the way of the person is still being treated。
“No matter what, they all work part-time,Do you really expect others to take out100Million??You are not forcing people to survive,I just think this thing is about to be fine。”
Zhang Bai’s Bai said again,He is discussing this matter very seriously,Let Song Yuan, whose surname is Song, want to say something,I have to stop at this time,Nodding slightly to show that I understand。
Yes,What can be said about such a thing,So be it,He also knew that it really shouldn’t。
The key is,First they can win。
Say again,If you can’t win,Then I can only wait for the other party to come to them to settle accounts,Instead of it’s their turn to put each other a yard。
There is hardly any specificity in such things,It’s also bad。
Chapter 82 Scheming

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