The dog that bites doesn’t bark,Kobe has increased his vigilance。

After five Lakers players have improved their defensive focus,The mediocre Golden State Warriors struggled to score,Several shots have been strongly interfered and missed。
Kobe with the ball,Sprewell deliberately released2Step distance。Kobe hits a jumper。
“Hooked。”Sprewell’s eyes flashed by,And Kobe has already noticed this。
Offensive and defensive transition again,Kobe with the ball,Sprewell still took two steps。
Kobe receives the ball,Jump up。
“It’s now!”Sprewell rushes forward,But the right foot is padding towards Kobe’s landing point。
“what,Just a stepping。”Kobe in the air is ready,Throw the ball,Adjust the center of gravity forward,Made a forward leaning shot。
We know that stepping is generally harmful to vertical take-off players,Because all the force is unbiased and the center of gravity is straight down to the ankle,Legs are easily injured。Sprain is still mild,Some players can even cause a torn meniscus,A series of ligament ruptures affect athletic talent,Career-destroying injuries。
Kobe has been paddled countless times,He has never been injured since he suffered a loss。First of all, he pays great attention to the ankle exercise,High stability of the ankle joint。Secondly, Kobe’s coordination ability is historic,He has plenty of time in the air to adjust the center of gravity。
This time Sprewell has found the wrong opponent.,Kobe throws the ball,Sprewell’s feet stretched out。
And Kobe pretended to be nervous,Raised his leg in the air,Right toe cocked,Heel down,Stomp hard at Sprewell’s forward ankle。
“Ah!”Two screams sounded at the same time,We just don’t know how much moisture Kobe’s cry is。
Sprewell fell to the ground,Hold firmly to the ankle that Kobe’s heel stomped severely,He didn’t figure out what happened for a while。
Why is it me who stepped up,It’s me who fell on the ground?
“FAK,Boss, do you have anything!”Bowen rushed over,Looking at Kobe who is also holding his feet。
Kobe quietly winked at Bowen,Bowen combined with the collision just now,Instantly understand what happened。
Good acting!It’s really a role model for my generation!Bowen is not far behind,Rushed towards Sprewell。
“beep!”The referee hurriedly blew the whistle,Blown off the game。Many violent conflicts in this period occurred after a collision。

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