“Yeah,If you say so,My daughter is too much,I won’t give birth to so many daughters in my life,Ha ha。”

Daochang Bai just sighed with emotion, but he can still joke right away!
The girls laughed all at once。
Originally, Shen Ruoxi and the others could continue to joke on this topic,But no one dared to continue on this topic,After all, Daochang Bai can’t just joke with her casually,Everyone knows this。
Especially jokes related to childbirth,Then you can’t open it randomly……
After Qin Liang delivered Bai Daochang’s fast food,,Everyone left Daochang Bai’s room collectively。
“beautiful,I’ll take you to meet my daughter。”
As soon as I left Daochang Baek’s room,Murong Shan immediately said to Zhou Meili。
“Murong Qiaoyao??OK。”
Zhou Meili immediately answered with a smile,She really wanted to see the little girl who had been there to save her。
“Do you still have an impression of Keyer?”
Shen Ruoxi asked Zhou Meili curiously。
“No……I never saw her before,I only watched her once on TV。”

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