No one expected,The person who suddenly stood up to help Yang Zhi was actually Shen Ruoxue!

Qin Liang was caught off guard by Shen Ruoxue,I didn’t know what to say at once……
Yang Zhi immediately became a joyful virtue!These words of Shen Ruoxue,It’s more than enough to eat dozens of meals,More enjoyable than any delicious food!
“Bullying people like this every time,Brother Yang Zhi didn’t say anything,You talk about him endlessly,Really!”
Shen Ruoxue complained angrily。
In fact, on the one hand, she is definitely fighting the injustice for Yang Zhi,On the other hand, I am arguing for myself!You know, every time Qin Liang ridicule Yang Zhi like this,But it’s all about Shen Ruoxue。
“Haha……It’s okay Xiaoxue,Boss and I are used to joking,He’s just talking,I don’t care,Ha ha。”
Yang Zhi is afraid that Qin Liang can’t get off the stage,If she says something, she will annoy Shen Ruoxue,That’s not good,So he bit the bullet and said haha。
“you shut up!”
Unexpectedly, Shen Ruoxue gave Yang Zhi to“stick up”Up!If this sister-in-law’s little temper comes up,,Nobody’s noodles。
Yang Zhi immediately persuaded。
It’s not just him,Qin Liang also persuaded……
“I just joked with him,Why is your little ancestor so anxious??”
Qin Liang said to Shen Ruoxue with an awkward smile。

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