The surname Zhao immediately followed closely and said something,These two old satyrs never thought;They have stepped into the prison gate with one foot at this moment!And the two of them at the moment,Still dreaming of the dream of a spring night!

“how about it……These three goods are good……”
Boss Lin stammered to ask his two old friends。
“Pretty good,I am very satisfied。”
Huang nodded frequently,Contentedly。
“Especially this little beauty in the middle,It’s simply stunning on earth!”
Sitting in the middle opposite is Shen Ruoxue!From the beginning,His two eyes have never left Shen Ruoxue’s face and chest……
“It’s just that the price this time is a bit more expensive。”
Boss Lin continued to follow the lines taught to him in advance。
“Such a good product,It should be more expensive。”
Boss Huang nodded in approval,Because the attention is all on the three girls,So neither of these two old satyrs noticed that Boss Lin’s tone of voice was very different from usual。
“Then we follow the previous rules,Draw lots to decide who will take away which girl first,And then rotate around?”
Boss Lin said bitterly,His heart is bleeding!play?I can’t even think about it now,And you have to go straight to the prison……
The three of Shen Ruoxue didn’t speak,I lower my head in a timid look from time to time,This is what Yang Shiyun told them in advance,To prevent the two old perverts from being suspicious,So when I can not speak,Try not to talk。
A note from the lottery,Three old satyrs habitually prepared in advance and brought them with them,So the ceremony was completed very quickly。
The surname Zhao was lucky enough to win Shen Ruoxue,Makes him happy,Harazi is about to flow down the rhythm!
“Then what are we waiting for,Take the girls to the room to chat。”
The surname Zhao can’t wait to say。

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