Ding Yi did not smile,Just sighed。

Jiang Fan heard her sigh,Shook her hand,Said:“Sigh?”
Ding Yi said puzzledly:“I don’t understand now,How could it be like this?Obviously it was weak yang during inspection,This method should be accurate,All female colleagues in our unit use this pregnancy stick。”
First124chapter Know his name before seeing him
Jiang Fan knows her confusion,Actually, I am a bit unwilling,But where is the fact after all,He said:“Don’t think if you don’t understand,Believe in science。It’s okay to have a false alarm this time,Help you gain knowledge。Jiang Yan is right,I need to pay attention,After you recuperate,We want baby again。”
Ding Yi said:“Yes,From today,I’ll go home and live,It just so happens that Dad and they are coming back soon。”
Jiang Fan hurriedly said after listening:“I didn’t mean that,Paying more attention has nothing to do with whether you go home or not。”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Comrade Jiang Fan,Think about it,If you come back from abroad,Saw my daughter live with others again,Will you feel comfortable?Although you are going to marry your daughter to this person,I will feel a little uncomfortable。Not to mention,There were so many disadvantages before。I do it this way,All for your sake,For the sake of your proposal,For our sake……”
Jiang Fan wants to refute her,But opened his mouth,I didn’t find a reason to refute,Just say:“I don’t need to go home and live today.,Say again,They have a few days to come back?”
Ding Yi said:“I won’t go back for so long,Why are you going home to clean up?,Doing hygiene or something,After dad comes back,Will definitely go to the old house,This is more accurate than written。”
Jiang Fan nodded,He understands Ding Yi’s father’s feelings for forgetting his wife,Just say:“Then there is no need to go back today,It’s midnight when I go back today,How do you return?such,I will go home with you tomorrow to clean up,When they come back,You go back to live,I feel uneasy when I think of Chang Yi criticizing me。”
Ding Yi smiled,Know what Jiang Fan is referring to,Just said:“The section chief is really good to us。”
Jiang Fan said:“He is nice to you,I’m worried that I wronged you。”
Ding Yi took a breath,Said:“You don’t know how he solved his personal problems now?”
Jiang Fan said:“I went to the province two days ago,After finishing the matter, go to the Provincial Development and Reform Office to sit for a while,Is catching up with Meng Ke, too,It seems they are going to do something。Drink together at noon,He said that Changyi seems to have a good relationship with a female professor in the provincial research office。”
“Provincial Research Office?”Ding Yi asked。
“Yes,Now he is the deputy secretary of Kangzhou,Meng Ke matched the two of them before,But at that time Peng Changyi didn’t mean that。But I heard from Meng Ke,Now it seems a little bit interesting。”
“Oh,That’s good。”

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