After being reprimanded,They dare not do anything,Honest punishment。

“The referee is looking for a make up,I was a bit too biased towards the Australian team before。”Yu Jia said。
“prior to?Isn’t it biased now??Obviously the opposite is looking for things,The corner of Ah Lian’s eye was hurt,Only one more technical foul,This is not a bias?”Zhang Jingyi retorted。
He doesn’t think the referee is looking for compensation,If you really want to make up,The offending player should be suspended。
It’s all red。
“Liange,All right?”
Xu Xuan looked at Ah Lian with tape on his brows and ankles and asked。
Ah Lian shook his head,“Nothing,Not cracked。”
The brows and feet are relatively fragile,Split words,About to stitch,It should just be broken,No problem。
The Australian team is pure disgusting China,They dare not make big moves,This is the stage of the Olympics after all,A lot of things can’t be suppressed。
The following game.More popular!
Although I can’t do it,But Xu Xuan scored even harder than before。
short2Less than minutes,Xu Xuan cut it down alone10Minute!
When the game is over,The individual score in a single game is even more than60Minute,Broke in one fell swoop55Individual Olympic score record。
The overall score did not disappoint,98ratio68,Massacred Australia30Minute!
30Big win!
The Chinese team fans present were overjoyed,Although it was disgusting in the middle,But able to slaughter the opposite30Minute,Happy enough。
Especially Xu Xuan’s side,Single game cut60Minute,It’s just appalling。

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