Yang Shiyun nodded immediately……

at night,The four killers are still the same as usual,Came to the coffee shop downstairs for coffee,Today during the day,They wentSA famous tourist attraction in the city,So when four people sit down,I started talking endlessly about my thoughts about that tourist attraction。
And at the same time,Swallow,Yang Shiyun,Hadron and Marin,Already with the cooperation of the hotel staff,Split into the four killers’ room,Began a quick search。really,The weapon was found,But Yanzi did not take the weapon away,But cleverly made hands and feet on the weapon……Killer habit,The first thing after returning to the room;Is to check if your room has been entered,Has your own things been turned over by anyone?
,So if they take away their weapons,Then they will know immediately!
That would be terrorizing the snake,Of course Qin Liang doesn’t want to do this。
“Do you want to inform the garrison?,Bring in the reserve forces they prepared for us too?”
Yang Shiyun and others came back with Qin Liang,After Yang Zhi reunite,Yang Shiyun asked Qin Liang quietly again……Her way of doing things,It’s still the police method,Everything must be prepared in advance。
“Dear,Are you underestimating our Dragon Soul Warriors??If you rely on more people,,Then we are not special forces,Silly girl,Ha ha……”
Qin Liang couldn’t help but smile,He suddenly felt;Yang Shiyun is sometimes silly and cute……
“I’m afraid of hurting innocent people。”
Yang Shiyun’s awkward explanation。
“Ok,You are reasonable。”
Qin Liang“pure”Smiled……
at dusk,Those four killers came back for coffee on time and leisurely,Qin Liang and others also appeared in the hotel lobby on time.,But different from the previous two days,This time they are under the cooperation arrangement of the hotel,Hidden in a few hidden corners。
“This is not the way to wait……If they keep not going out,Are we here for coffee with them every night,Watching them chat?”
Yanzi and Qin Liang whispered to each other。
“Not urgent,They will definitely go out……”
Actually Qin Liang was hesitating,Do you want to play with them right here,to be frank,He didn’t feel the secret mission of these four people,They behave no different from ordinary tourists……
Waited another two days,It seems to be embarrassing Qin Liang and others on purpose,The four people didn’t go anywhere,But just stay in the hotel lazily every day,Besides going to the restaurant to eat and chat,Just drinking coffee and chatting in the cafe!

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