Originally, he planned to enter the inner courtyard flatly,Then find the Supreme Alchemist,And left directly after getting the broken seal,In the end, I was moved halfway by a group of new students。

This gave birth to many things,Otherwise it won’t be so laborious。
“How long have i been in a coma?”
“Two days and two nights,Originally also,For you at this moment, such a high-intensity battle is too laborious。”Mr. Bai seems to understand what he is worried about,Keep saying:“Do not worry,No one found your identity。”
Xia Chenglong still cares about this,Now Zong Xueqin’s whereabouts are uncertain,Zhao’s family participated in the fighting meeting four months later,There must be a lot of people staring at them,Want to eat this piece of fat in one bite。
If his identity is revealed,Will cause a lot of trouble,Maybe they will be hunted down。
What I showed everyone before was the strength after entering the Holy Realm,Now suddenly descend into the body,If those who want to disadvantage the Zhao family find,Inevitable but let go。
“old man,Are we one step closer to the goal?。”Xia Chenglong suddenly asked。
“Ok,Do not worry,As far as i know,The college gives you three days of rest,Will enter the inner courtyard in three days,Then find the supreme alchemist。”
Three days?
He fell asleep for two days,So you can enter the inner courtyard in a day?
Xia Chenglong is a little excited,He must regain strength as soon as possible,Brother’s hatred,And the president of the Warrior Association has been sealed,That’s his biggest threat。

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