But Lavoy knew in his heart,Big score2ratio0Leading Eagle,Maybe pickled peppers、West、CJ·People like Miles have contributed,But it really has nothing to do with him。

but,He is satisfied!
I’m Xu Xuan’s little brother!
I am Xu Xuan’s most loyal little brother!
Xu Xuan’s glory is my glory!
Xu Xuan’s applause is my applause!
Lavoy thought clearly,You have to set the position first,I didn’t even see it nowCJ·Was the coquettish goods of Watson who didn’t deal with Xu Xuan in the first place and started to take the initiative to join Xu Xuan??
A group of shameless guys!
Lavoy despise these people!
Only I can wipe Xu Xuan’s shoes!
Xu Xuan is the only one who can knock on the back!
This is the big deal for his Lavoy!

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