Doug-Collins decided to defend it alone,Let the team slow down,Maintain6Points ahead。

Kobe won’t do what he wants。
“coach,Put on Horry,we won。”Kobe looks confident。
Harris remonstrates,He feels that having Kobe is equivalent to having an assistant coach,even.
Horry’s appearance became the last straw to crush the Pistons。
The Lakers have4Three-pointers,Plus O’Neill Optimus。
Kobe and O’Neal pick and roll to open space,On or by yourself,Or pass to outside pitchers,Broke the Pistons defensive line in one fell swoop。
Hill whose stamina is declining,Offensive efficiency is gradually declining under Kobe’s marking,There is no way to support the team’s offense anymore。
When Kobe hit Hill to make a go-ahead three-pointer,Assist Horry to make a three-pointer,Game lost suspense。
The end of the audience,102:95The Lakers won the game again。
The end of the audience,O’Neal won the best player of the game。35Minute11board3Assist is his best game of the season,This is due to the Pistons’ weak inside defense and Kobe’s tireless feeding.。
Kobe wins18Minute5board15help,The Pistons’ defensive focus is entirely on him,And he still played extremely dazzling performance,Especially his control of the rhythm is amazing。
Hill is a glorious defeat,Appearance45Min Boom39Minute11board3Top performance in assists,But this does not bring him a victory。
The abuse and booing of Auburn Hills Palace has not stopped since the Lakers overtook。Hill, who left the field sadly, didn’t know how much of these insults were given to him。
The elegant Hill has never really blended into this iron-blooded city,Maybe not in the future。
Chapter Eighty Seven Paton’s provocation

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