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Chapter Three Hundred and Seventeen Reconciliation
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Shen Ruoxue just remembered,My hand is still touching Liu Xiaoyun’s body。So she took her hand out of the quilt,But before taking it out,Touched twice again……
“Damn!Can you touch it lightly!That’s meat!”
Liu Xiaoyun immediately yelled exaggeratedly。
“I said……You two are good friends now?”
Qin Liang asked with a smile,I can see the two girls let go,His joy from the heart,It’s just their weird way of reconciling,This is an eye-opener。
“She will be my sister from now on。”
Shen Ruoxue immediately answered。
“Pooh!You are my sister, OK?!Am i older than you!”
Liu Xiaoyun naturally quit,Protest loudly at once。
“To shut up,Don’t talk if you have a small chest,Look at Shen Ruoxi,She is older than me,So she is my sister,I am older than you,So i am your sister。fast,Call me Sister Sheng。”

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