The Cavaliers fans think they have shown their most benevolent side。

“We are all kind people!We are all kind and good people!”
The noise on the Internet will not interfere with Xu Xuan’s thoughts。
In the training room of the Banker’s Life Arena,Xu Xuan is now continuing regular training with his teammates。
Frank·Vogel stood aside with a haggard face,He held his hair with one hand,But it doesn’t seem like,So he put his other hand up again.
“Is it useless to run??”
He almost groaned this sentence from his throat。
Not just running and booming,He relied on defeating the Eagles’ death five small team is also meaningless in front of the Cavaliers.。
Brute force。
The Cavaliers destroyed the Pacers with simple brute force,This is a skill that overrides all tactics and strategies,The Cavaliers have mastered this skill and they are very proficient in using it。
“Do we really have no chance??”
Frank·Vogel clutched his hair in annoyance,He is about to scratch himself bald。
Even if the gap between them and the Cavaliers fight again,Can they really win a game??
Do not believe!

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