“This is.Kaguya.”

Kozakura murmured while looking at the appearance of Otsuki Kaguya,She can’t figure it out,Uchiha Madara,Such a big man,Why became a woman。
“right here,Get rid of you.”
Otsuki Kaguya’s voice falls,Use Huangquan Hirana to drag everyone into an inexplicable space full of magma。
Everyone fell from the air。
Sasuke summons a psychic eagle to catch himself,At the same time catching Naruto falling down。
“Sasuke,And sakura!”
Future bloggers hold Sakura with his right hand,At the same time, the nine-tailed claws behind him firmly grasp the wall。
Chapter 297 This article is finally almost over
“We are fine!”The future blogger said to Naruto,“and also,Everyone be careful,Hirana,It is a ninjutsu that can transport people to other different spaces,In other words,This is not illusion!”
“You know so many things。”
Otsuki Kaguya looks at the future blogger who clamps Sakura。
Watching Datongmu Kaguya’s hair turned into spikes and attacked him,The future blogger who is in a trap and taking care of Sakura cannot respond。
“You guy,Keep me away from Sakura!”

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