The lobby manager said embarrassingly。

“I’m afraid I can’t help you。”
Qin Liang still said unceremoniously,The tone became more severe。
Yang Shiyun was surprised,Qin Liang what’s wrong today?He usually talks to anyone very politely,Why did you work with this lobby manager today?!
“Speak quietly,Don’t influence others。”
So as not to attract the girl’s attention,Yang Shiyun hurriedly reminded Qin Liang in a low voice,Fortunately, Meizi is taking notes for that girl,So even though Qin Liang’s voice was a bit loud just now,But still didn’t let the girl hear the movement here。“I will ask you one last time;What does that girl always come to your hotel for?。”
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Chapter two hundred and five Open one eye and close one eye
? Qin Liang remained unmoved and continued to stare at the hotel lobby manager coldly.。
“she was……She seems……Is a lady,Very upscale lady。”
The lobby manager finally told the truth honestly。Actually Qin Liang knew he had a problem,Because if he is upright,If there is no ghost in my heart,When Qin Liang just started to speak to him unceremoniously,He should compete with Qin Liang!This is the response of every normal person,But he didn’t,instead
He swallowed his breath,So Qin Liang concluded;This guy must be a guilty conscience!
But what really made Qin Liang hostile to this person was;When Yang Shiyun just started talking to the lobby manager,This guy took advantage of Yang Shiyun not paying attention several times,Greedily glanced at Yang Shiyun’s chest for a long time……

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