Shikamaru cautiously said。

“Shikamaru,Sasuke.There are Fuer jars and Watson Zorana,And Hyuga Neji,What do you want to do。”
“Sorry,Monster Fox.”
Shikamaru just halfway through,His words were picked up by Fall Jar,Pointing to the demon fox man and said:“Monster Fox,You have committed the unforgivable crime against Konoha society in the Konoha Justice Act,My Konoha Special Security Team Fuer Jar hereby declares that it will deprive you of all rights,Catch it!”
“.”Shikamaru stared at Fuer’s jar dumbly,Then he nodded helplessly,“That’s probably it,Monster Fox,Don’t make it hard for me。”
“.Demon Fox Armor,upgrade!”
After pressing the button on the belt,The scarlet evil Chakra keeps leaking from the monster fox。
“Be careful everyone.”Shikamaru reminded while Jieyin,“Shadow Binding!”
The shadow of Shikamaru and the shadow of the monster fox are connected together,The two people connected by shadow restraint cannot move。
“Hurry up everyone,Shikamaru won’t support it for long!”Ino said,Simultaneously perform the heart turn technique,Invade the brain of the fox man,Reduce Shikamaru’s stress,Help Shikamaru delay control time。
“here is.”
Ino floating in the darkness looks left and right,Until she noticed her behind,The head of a hideous fox。

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