This child’s shoes,Are you too much?

Relying on yourself to look good,What do you want to do to our idol?
It’s not just boys who are sad,The female classmates are also unhappy。
Although Han Dong’er looks pretty,But she is a fairy with facial paralysis,Natural again,How to be a girlfriend?
Just acting,If you choose a girlfriend in life,Classmate Shen Huan still choose our energetic youth.Good girl!
First52chapter progress
Xiao Tianhou was also obviously surprised,But she remembered what Shen Huan said before,So I can bear it。
next moment,Shen Huan said:“right now,You look in my eyes。”
Han Donger did it。
The two looked at each other like this。
Shen Huan’s eyes are very clear。
Han Dong’er has the same vision。
Two people without impurities in their hearts,Just looking at each other like this,Attracted the attention of everyone around。
Zhu Mei subconsciously raised her hand to Ding Lun,Ding Lun nodded slightly,Indicates that he is already recording。

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