Qin Liang swings the automatic rifle,Knocked down one directly with the handle,Then he twisted his waist and turned around,A whirlwind leg,Kicked another to the ground,Then he rushed forward without hesitation。

To the landing on the second floor,Two people one left and one right,Guarded the stairs,Qin Liang looked at the situation quickly,really,The corridor on one side of the stairs is completely enclosed,It seems to be blocked with thick planks。
downstairs,The two reception ladies wake up from the initial panic,One of them grabs the phone with a trembling hand,She wants to call the manager’s office upstairs,Tell the manager that someone broke into the company。
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But when she just grabbed the phone with her hand,Three heavily armed female soldiers charged in again with guns,I pounced and rushed upstairs。
The two girls screamed loudly at the same time。
The cry just fell,Two more equally armed female fighters appeared!
I didn’t wait for the two reception ladies to react,Two jet-black muzzles have been pointed at their faces!
“To shut up,Standing against the wall,fast!”
One of the two female warriors commanded loudly,In terms of sound and appearance,I can tell,These two female fighters are very young。
Then a large number of heavily armed soldiers appeared……
“Oh my god!What’s going on here?You are?”

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